Monday, August 1, 2011

A Special Visit

Yes, I realize I haven't posted in a week and a half. Forgive me friends. :(

Last week was WONDERFUL! My Uncle David (my dad's brother) was in town visiting from Florida. I love this man so very much and am always over the moon when I get to see him-which isn't often enough! He has always been, and continues to be, so good to me and my family. He loves Courtney and me as if we were his own, and the same can be said for Jeffrey and Levi. He made a promise to my dad 22 years ago that he would watch out for my mom, Courtney and me. Let me tell you, he is fullfilling that promise! :)

I pretty much put life on hold when Uncle David is in town so that we can spend as much time together as possible. This visit was no exception! Jeffrey, Levi and I went to pick him up from the airport Friday night. I loved seeing his face when he walked out and spotted us. And oh boy did he light up when he saw Levi and his sign. :)

We had him over Monday night for dinner with all of us. We had such a good time just being together and catching up. He spent the night that night, and after Mom and Courtney left, and my boys were asleep, we stayed up and talked about any and everything. He is not just my uncle, but he's also a wonderful friend. I love our times together like that. :)

This one was for Mom-she always complains that all of our pictures are just of us and our "heads together" :)

That night, we were telling Uncle David about the Art Mill, and he said he would love to do something like that! So, later that week, that's what we did! We painted a beautiful flower, and even though they were the same thing, they all ended up looking so different-and good! :) He had a great time and is even going to try and find a place like that closer to home.

The beginning...

Artists at work!

Finished projects!

He was leaving on Friday afternoon, so Thursday night, Jeffrey, Levi and I went over to my Aunt's to say goodbye. Oh I just love to see Uncle David and Levi play together.

It's such a bittersweet feeling for me. It makes me so happy but also sad to know that my Dad can't be the one playing with him. I can only imagine how I would feel witnessing that! I know my uncle has the same type of thoughts. But you know what, it makes me even MORE grateful for Uncle David and the relationship we have together. I hate that he doesn't live closer, but I appreciate the time we do get together. Hopefully, our next time together will be spent at his place and not mine! :)

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