Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Peeving Me Wednesday

Ok, I realize it's supposed to be "What I'm Loving Wednesday", but my mood has taken me in a different direction. :)

Today, I wish to share with you some deep profound thoughts I like to call my:


*Be warned, these are very serious and should be taken as such.*

*Be warned again, the above statement is highly sarcastic. :)*

1: When a man's tie does not reach his belt. (See, very serious stuff here.)

2: When someone calls you to tell you they just left you a voicemail. (Hmm...cuz I can't see that on my phone?)

3: Bugs splattering on my windshield directly in my line of sight.

4: Pop-ups.

5: When people don't blog. (Don't you know I have nothing better to do than stalk my blogger dashboard waiting for new blog posts?) :)

6: People who walk down the center of the aisle in a parking lot. (Yes, my sister posted about this the other day, but I just encountered it yesterday myself.) Argh!

7: Facebook games and requests to participate (sorry Farmville users). I just don't need any more excuses to be on Facebook. :)

8: Boxers left on the bathroom floor. (Ahem, husband!)

9: Does 100 degree weather count as a pet peeve? I think so!

10: The fact that there is a chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen, but I am not in the kitchen. :)

Now, I'm sure you all feel so fullfilled knowing these things about me. I'd love to hear some of your "pet peeves".

Happy Wednesday!! :)

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