Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're Alive!

I realized today you probably all think I've crawled into some dark black hole until my son gets past the terrible two stage. Fear not! Not only am I back, but I can officially say we have NOT started the terrible twos (thank the good Lord in Heaven!)! Turns out his little episode at Sunday lunch was the start of a VERY long week with a stomach bug. :( Now, while I had prayed that it was NOT the terrible twos, I definitely didn't want it to be this! It was horrible! He started throwing up Monday around lunch and again after nap. I went home and got him, and we stayed home until Wednesday morning when I took him to the doctor. Because he'd thrown up for almost 2 full days at that point, they gave him some Zofran. Now, I usually leave the doctor (or get off the phone) very frustrated when he's sick because it's always "viral" and we just have to "wait it out". Yes, that's what she told me this time too, but she took it seriously enough to give him medicine. Score for her! :) He was fine all day Wednesday and Thursday, then I went to get him Friday morning and he (and his crib) was covered! Poor baby had just laid in it all night not making a peep. I was so sad. :( But, he seemed fine! So weird! Anyways, we had a couple more episodes over the weekend, but I think it's finally all out of his system. I can officially say there is nothing worse for this mom than seeing her son sick or hurting and not being able to do a thing about it. Saturday was the worst of all, and all I could do was watch and comfort him. We got in the shower, fully clothed and covered in puke, and he just cried and hugged me. I realized then, with puke in my hair and on my new shirt, that a mother's love (biological or not) is unconditional.

I also realized from all of this that I have some AMAZING friends and family! Jackie had Levi Monday when he got sick, and bless her, she had to clean it up, resulting in her getting sick as well. Julie got him from his nap where she found him and his bed covered in puke, and she cleaned it up! Mom and Courtney helped out all week because Jackie was too sick to keep him. Then, poor things had to clean up Mom's car when he puked Saturday night. Amanda, Amanda's mom Angela, and Doralyn all pitched in to watch him so I could go to work. I know people do it all the time, but I can not imagine raising a child away from friends and family. I honestly don't know how we'd do it. We are so blessed, and we are so grateful!

I've got a ton of pictures from our weekend at the lake, as well as some from our company cookout Friday. So, be on the lookout for more posts soon! :)

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