Thursday, July 14, 2011

Date Night

Tuesday night was supposed to be my Girlfriends Bible Group meeting. However, it got cancelled (sad) so I was left with a free night. I immediately called my wonderful mother and asked her to keep Levi so Jeffrey and I could go out on a date. A what? A date? Is that even a word? I feel like I haven't spent quality time with him since our anniversary in May! Anyways, she agreed, and the plans were made!

We saw "Horrible Bosses" in Mt. Juliet (thanks to my boss, we had free tickets). :) I have to say, it was pretty darn funny. However, they went way overboard with the bad language. I hate when movies do that-just ruins it for me! Maybe if they had an edited version...yeah, don't see that one happening. We laughed a lot though, so I consider it a success!

After that was "dinner" at Marble Slab. Lol. I got a red velvet cake milkshake, and man was it fabulous! I mean, look at this thing:

Red velvet ice cream, chocolate cake and white chocolate chips! YUMMMMMY! :)

We headed to get Levi after that because I hadn't seen him all day. On the way home, Jeffrey said it felt like back before we were married and went out on a regular basis. That made my heart smile! It's nice to know we can still act like we did while dating. :)

I do have to tell you a funny story...Driving back, this car of 3 guys pulls up beside us. We had the windows down, and I guess the sun was blinding them or something, because they start hollaring and grinning at me. Yeah, um doofus, see the man beside me? Now, they were all of 17 years old, so I just found it amusing. My husband, however, did not. He got MAD! I mean, MAD! I have to admit, it was kind of funny. My laughter did not help him. After I stopped laughing, I realized the sweetness of it all. (Yeah, I know that sounds weird.) But seriously, it made me feel good to know my hubby still gets posessive of me (but not in a psycho way). :)

Anywho, for those married folk out there (especially with children), I want to encourage you to go on date nights. Make time for yourselves. It is more than worth it. And hey, I'll be happy to babysit! ;)

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