Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 1: This is me!

First off, thanks for the positive feedback on this everybody! I wasn't sure anybody would care, so it makes me feel good to know at least SOMEBODY is reading this. :)

Ok, Day 1 of the Blog Challenge: Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Hi, I'm Meredith! :) Oh, that's not enough? Rats! ;)

Alright, my name is Meredith Nicole Sellars Davenport (yes, the whole thing is my legal name). Why? Well, when I was a wee little tike (actually, before I was even born), my Daddy wanted to name me Nicole, but my mom liked Meredith. They eventually decided (aka: Mom put her foot down) that I would be Meredith Nicole instead of Nicole Meredith (thank you Mom!). Because my Daddy loved it so, I've always loved Nicole as well. So I couldn't give it up when I got married, but I couldn't give up Sellars either. See, Courtney (my sister) and I are it for the Sellars line. I really wanted to carry it with me somehow, so I became "the woman with the extremely long legal name that annoys anybody that has to fill out forms for me". :)

Wow, a whole paragraph just about my name...this might be a long post!

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, Jeffrey. :) He is truly my best friend. In fact, that's how we started-best friends. We spent 9 months building a beautiful friendship that on November 24th, 2004, became a little something more! He is, what some people would say, my "complete opposite". I'm loud, he's quiet. I'm outgoing, he's shy. I'm tightly wound, he's laid back. I like to shop, he'd rather be in a tree stand. :) Despite all of our differences, or perhaps BECAUSE of our differences, we work! We bring out different sides of each other. He's given me the love of shooting and riding 4-wheelers, and I've given him the love of travelling. He is so supportive of me in everything I do, but is always the first to point out when I'm overdoing it. I love that about him! I'm sure, if you continue to follow this blog, you'll get to know a lot more about my sweet hubby. He is, after all, the most important person in my life!

Many years ago!

The other most important person in my life is our son, Levi. I just can't say enough about this amazing little boy that has changed our lives for the better. People say you can never understand the love you feel for a child until you're holding them in your arms, and I completely agree! My life changed tremendously on February 11, 2010, when they placed that sweet baby in my arms. He is just the most wonderful blessing from God! He's so full of energy and happiness. He is constantly making me smile and laugh with the funny faces or sounds he makes. I love watching him discover something for the 1st, or 20th, time. :) We just celebrated his 1st birthday, and it was so much fun! That's a whole other post of it's own!

Love this smile!

Ok, gotta shorten this up...

I have an amazing mother and sister whom I love very much. I can't imagine my life without either of them. You'll hear more about them later in this challenge. I have a half-sister and brother-in-law who have blessed me with an amazing niece and nephew. I've also been blessed with a large in-law family who are just wonderful to me! :) I couldn't get through life without my bestest girlfriends! There'll be a post about them all too!

Moving on...

Recent Picture

Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of just me?! I'm usually the one with the camera, so it's almost impossible! I did find this, and oh look, it goes right along with my #1 interesting fact! :)

15 Interesting (or boring) Facts


2: I have never been a morning person until I had Levi. Now, I love waking up in the morning (as long as it's not too early) to him talking in his crib. :)

3: I pick the skin on my thumbs. It's a nervous habit that I don't even know I'm doing half the time.

4: I have had 2 rhinoplasties (nose surgeries). Yep, 2. My nose has been broken 3 times. Not fun.

5: Now, for those of you who have known me for years, prepare yourselves, this might be a favorite dessert is no longer's RED VELVET CAKE! Yummy!

6: I love taking pictures or having pictures taken. I'm so afraid of forgetting things, and pictures are excellent reminders!

7: I could not live (ok, maybe I could live) I could not COOK without my Pampered Chef
Deep Covered Baker! This thing is phenomenal!
8: I try to only eat chicken, turkey or fish. I started a diet last year that cut out red meat and pork, and I've just enjoyed it so much, I kept it going!

9: Jeffrey and I have 2 dream vacations: Austrailia and Yellowstone.

10: My all-time favorite ice-cream is TCBY White Chocolate Mousse yogurt. I cried the day they shut our
Lebanon store down. :(

11: Ok, I'll admit it, I love the Twilight series. I'm not a huge fan of the movies, but I've read the books 4 times. Yeah, all of them, 4 times.

12: I have a secret love for "Party in the USA". Yes, the Miley Cyrus song.

13: I actually think snakes are pretty cool. In fact, when I was younger, I had a 7ft python draped around my neck. Now, I don't want them in my house or anything, but they're interesting to look at in a box or other enclosed space. :)

14: I am a couponer! I'm sure I'll talk about that again at some point.

15:  Lastly, and most definitely the most important, I am a Christian. Now, I know that might not be interesting to some folks, but it is who I am. I don't think I can tell you facts about myself without including that one! :) God has blessed me tremendously! Why would I not want to share that with the world?!

Whew! I'm done! Thanks for reading this (if you made it this far). Until next time... 


  1. Told you, I love this blog so much already!

    HOW IN THE WORLD HAVE WE NOT ESTABLISHED THAT I LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE MOOSE ICE CREAM TOO? It is my all time favorite, with some cookie dough chunks thrown in there. My mom used to take us after school.. My sister and I literally cried when Franklin's closed. NOT KIDDING!

    No worries, there is one in Cool Springs, maybe we can take a trip out there soon... since you love traveling!

    I love that I am getting to know you more and more. It is such a blessing! Happy Wednesday sweet girl.

  2. Oh my goodness! We MUST go soon! I didn't know it was still there. Oh this just makes my day!! :)

    I'm glad you enjoy reading this! It's fun to get to know each other this way. I always love reading yours! :)