Monday, June 13, 2011

16 Months

I cannot believe my little baby is 16 months (and truthfully, no more a little baby but a big boy!). I have to say, this past month has been one of the funnest (yes, that's now a word) that I can remember having with him. He is just growing up right before my eyes!

I love that he can answer questions with a headshake, follow requests, and say or show me what he wants (and doesn't want!). It's so much easier to know rather than figure it out from his cries! His little BIG personality is just shining through! He definitely has his moments, but he's pretty much a happy, laid-back little boy. I love to watch him get excited at something or figure something out-which he's constantly doing now on his own. He never ceases to amaze me with what he knows and learns!

He's entering a mimicking stage which has lead to some adorable things! For instance...
  • Last week at church, I put my arm on the back of the pew behind Courtney. He looks at my arm, looks at me, then does the same thing! It was precious!
  • This week at church, Mom coughed and covered her mouth. Well, little man decided he had a cough too and started coughing with her, while covering his mouth! It was beyond hilarious!
  • While eating supper last week, I told him something was hot, touched it, and said "whew, hot". Well, now EVERYTHING is hot! He touches all his food, and says "whew"! He even blows on it! Haha. :)
His vocabulary is expanding rapidly! Here are some of the cutest ones:
He now says "ca" when he wants you to catch something. He says "eyes" while pointing at his eyes. Balloon is now "balllooolloo". :) He loves shoes all of a sudden, and will bring them to me and say "soos". He loves to say "shh" while putting his finger over/in his mouth. And I hear "Momma" a LOT now (which you know I just eat up!)! :)

He's beginning to make more and more "connections". When he sees Jeffrey's truck in the driveway, he says "Dada". Turning into Jeffrey's parents' house, he says "Poppa". Turning on to Mom's street, it's "Gaga" or "Gigi" (yeah, Grammy might not happen...). :) When I say, do you want to go to Publix, he makes the "vroom vroom" sound for car. I don't know if he thinks "we ride in the car to Publix" or "I get to ride in the car buggy at Publix". Either way, it's adorable!

Some of his favorite things continue to be trains, balloons and balls. He loves to sweep and clean (if only that would last!), so his new favorites are the dust pan and vacuum. He also loves to get my blow dryer, and he makes a "shzzz" sound while waving it over his head. :) He's a little more interested in books right now, but that usually only last for about a minute. He, of course, is loving to be outside and love to be in the water! We've been swimming once, and I can't wait to go all summer long! He is really starting to favor a stuffed animal named Mo. It's a bear in a Mossy Oak deer outfit (thus the "M.O."). :) He's also starting to love blankets, and it's just adorable to see him get his Mo and blanket and head to the bed. :)

I meant to take his measurements over the weekend, but well, forgot. :( Let's just say he's big! Lol. I'll try to remember to do that today (I know you will all anxiously wait on pins and needles until I report back to you.). :)

Sorry there's only one picture...I've been slacking! I do have a video that you've probably already seen, but I just think it's hysterical! It shows off his FAVORITE thing to do right now...DANCE! :)

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