Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching up...

Happy National Donut Day!

I fully plan to visit Krispy Kreme at some point today...hopefully to get twelve one of these:

Sorry I've been MIA for a week...been a little busy enjoying life. :) Not too much terribly exciting happening (other than free donuts), but I did miss blogging about Memorial Day. :)

So for the Memorial Day weekend, I had one rule and one rule only: NO PLANS ALLOWED! I literally had NO plans going into the weekend at all, and let me tell you, it was great! I kept hoping for the miracle that Jeffrey would be off, and I didn't want to have to cancel anything with anybody. Plus, every weekend, I have something to do at a certain time. This weekend, there were no time constraints, and it was so wonderful!

Jeffrey ended up working Friday night, so Mom and I made a snap decision to go to Rivergate. We were headed to the mall, but got distracted by a store called Deals! We used to go every time Mom came to visit me in Bowling Green. It's a great store with lots of good, ahem, deals. ;) If you're planning a party, it's a must-stop!

Anyway, after spending an enormous amount of time in there, we finally made it to the mall about an hour and a half before closing. I spent the majority of the time in New York and Company (of course) then we headed to Macy's. Levi was very intrigued by the escalator, so we hopped on. He was so excited! I think we rode that thing up and down at least a dozen times. Endless enjoyment for my little man! :)

Afterwards, we stopped at McDonalds where my mother ordered me a Rolo McFlurry against my will. I unwillingly ate the whole cream, chocolate and caramel...yeah, she had to force me...

The rest of the weekend was spent much the same way: relaxing with family. My favorite activity! We did go swimming Monday (after Levi's 3 hour nap!) and went to Julie and Dusty's for a cookout that night. I just love to watch Levi play with his cousins. They love each other so much! Levi took a 2.5 hour nap that afternoon, so boy was he ready to go after dinner, and there were lots of fun things for him to play with! :)

On another case I haven't told you, I HATE CICADAS! They are the most disgusting, pointless, ugly, annoying creatures! Apparently, it was not year 7 or 13 when the ark was built because I can not imagine why Noah didn't squash these stupid little things. Of course, there must not have been mosquitos either because why would you keep those around? I realize cicadas don't hurt you, but it doesn't stop me from squeeling like a little girl every time one lands on me. Ick!

I don't have much else, so I'll leave you with some new pics of my little man. Enjoy! :)

Getting in the candy basket!

Oh yes, we have a climber on our hands!

Pit stop!

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