Monday, June 20, 2011

A few more things...

...about Levi! I forgot some stuff the other day, and I know you're all just anxiously awaiting for more Levi information! :)

Ok, we went for his 15 month check-up last week (yes, he's 16 months...I forgot!). He weighed in at 28.1lbs and 32in. I plan to re-measure b/c, according to their measurements, he lost almost an inch from last month. Hmm...Oh well, here are some pictures from his appointment. :)

I get this look a lot from Jeffrey too...It's the "Really, I'm just sitting here. Why do you need a picture?" look. :)

Don't worry: I was fully prepared to catch him if he fell... :)

The doctor's table from Levi's perspective :)

He also loves pickles and lemons. Yes, I know, it's strange. And apparently, he now loves olives and mushrooms, too. We went to David's Pizza for Courtney's birthday last week, and he picked all the olives and mushrooms off of Jeffrey's loaded pizza. He got ahold of a banana pepper that he liked for a second until the flavor really settled in. Haha. :) He also sampled the dilly bars from Dairy Queen that night. It was a tough choice between the cherry and chocolate, but the red one won out in the end! :)

Again, don't worry: I'm responsible for the bites off the chocolate one. :)

I have to tell you what he did last night...We were all at Jeffrey's parents' house for Father's Day. Levi had gotten really hot, so I stripped him down to just his diaper. He played like that for awhile, but then I asked him if he wanted to put his clothes on. Well, apparently not, because it was at that exact moment that he reached down and yanked his diaper completely off! Hahaha! I thought I was going to pee my pants I was laughing so hard! :)

Ok, I think that was it for things I forgot. I have a ton to write about Father's Day, and a ton of pictures, so stay tuned... :)

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