Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back in Commission!

Yay! I got my stiches out yesterday, and my hand no longer looks mummified! See:

Not only can I finally wash all that crap off my hand and finally put some lotion on, but I can also now type without pecking at the keys (which takes FOREVER by the way)! I know you were all going through my blogging withdrawals, and I apologize deeply! If I can't blog at another time, of if you just want to be highly amused, feel free to check out my sister's blog at http://cowboycookies.blogspot.com/. I might be a little biased, but I think she's histerical. :)

There's so much I feel like I need to tell you...Fresh on my mind is my baby BIG boy toddler! He turned 15 months last Wednesday, so it's time for a Levi update! :)

At 15 months, Levi is:

  • 27.5lbs and 32 3/4 in. long (I feel like I need to double-check that...maybe the dr. was wrong!)
  • One tough little boy! This child has bumps, bruises and scratches all the time, but hardly ever cries about any of them!
  • This is my tough face after bumping my head.
  • Brushing his hair with EVERYTHING: comb, toothbrush, actual brush, q-tip, etc.
  • Obsessed with a lawn mower. He wants to ride any time Jeffrey mows. He'll even go to a garage door (any garage door) and bang on it while looking expectantly at whoever is around as if they're supposed to get a mower out and give him a ride. :)
  • Watching the guy mow Grammy's yard.
  • Blowing kisses and giving kisses a LOT, especially on the shoulder and nose (these sometimes turn into love bites, but we're working on that!).
  • Giving high fives and even a fist shake at his Uncle Randall.
  • Patting his carseat and legs along with the music in the car.
  • Loves books! He brings them to us to read, and often will bring a dvd thinking it's a book.
  • Walking up and sliding down a slide.
  • Trying to unplug things and plug them back into the wall (yeah, that's fun...).
  • Going to the fridge when he wants food or drink.
  • Still love balls and trains, and have now added coloring to your loves.
  • Picking out a shirt when I give him options (he really concentrates then gets excited when he decides).
  • Eating a lot of soup! Broccoli and cheddar and tomato basil seems to be his favorites.
  • Turning into a true blonde-headed boy. It's almost white at the crown.
  • Saying a lot more things (somewhat understandable by others) but still mostly babbling very intently.
  • Loving the outdoors! He wants to be outside as much as possible! And if there's mud or some other way to get dirty, that's even better!
  • Getting very excited about things-stamping feet (like dancing) screeching, cackling, rubbing belly, pulling up shirt-all indicators he is overjoyed with something! :)
  • Loving being the center of attention. He soaks it up and puts on quite a show! :)
  • Becoming more and more entertaining every day!
You are such a blessing and a joy to your Daddy and me. Your megawatt smile can make any bad thing instantly go away. You are so loving and happy, and I could not be more overjoyed with being your Mom.

We had some family pictures done Sunday, and Julia took me, Jeffrey and Levi off to the side to snap a few. Here are the ones I've seen so far, and I am SO incredibly in love with these! In fact, you'll now be able to enjoy them every time you read my blog since I'm putting them in the layout. :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out sis! Even though I can't blog now!