Friday, April 8, 2011

Do A Little Dance!

This is me, doing my happy "It's Friday!" dance. :)

Whew, it's been a long and busy week! And it doesn't look like my weekend is going to be any different! That's ok though, because I'll at least be outside (hopefully) and with my little man. :)

Tomorrow morning, bright and early (and I do mean early-like, have to be in Brentwood at 7am), Levi and I will be going with our friend Lori and her mom to the Walker Run. Sara Walker is this truly amazing woman who I came to know about through Facebook. Ironically enough, several weeks later, I found out she was married to Lori's cousin. I have been following her story through her CaringBridge site, and it's truly uplifting. You might find it strange that I say that once you know her story, but after you read her entries, you'll understand why I've come to love and respect this woman.She is truly an inspiration, and I can't wait to walk for her tomorrow. You can read her story here and see the info for the run here.


Tomorrow afternoon, we're going to Levi's future fiance's very first birthday party. Lily Tuggle (his betrothed) is the beautiful daughter of Amy and JP. Amy and I decided very early on that these two would be married. I mean, come on, how cute does "Lily and Levi" sound? :) This will actually be the first time they meet. I hope it's love at first sight. Haha. My son would be crazy not to like her. Look at this face!

Sunday might or might not be Levi's first Easter Egg Hunt! A group of friends are getting together with the kiddos for some Easter fun. IF (big IF) Jeffrey can get off work, we'll go. If he can't, we won't.
:( He doesn't want to miss Levi's first hunt, and I don't want him to. I just love that about my hubby. He WANTS so badly to be a part of everything Levi does. His schedule makes it hard, but I try my darndest to make that happen! :)

I'm tired just thinking about tomorrow, but excited too! It should be an action-packed weekend. Hope you all get to enjoy your families and get out in the gorgeous weather!

Just to start my day off right, some pictures of my little guy. :)

I don't even know what to say about this one...

After playing in the mud

Kisses for Tigger

Love this sweet face!

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