Friday, April 1, 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star...

Happy Friday ya'll! Woo hoo! I am so very ready for this weekend! Up on the agenda: Pictures with bunny rabbits!! I'm so excited! (Can you tell from the abundance of the exclamation points?) I have him an adorable outfit, which Jeffrey hates with a passion. Well, he actually just hates the hat...and the green shirt. BUT...he said he'd like it if it was a navy shirt. Maybe I'll switch it out when he's around. :) Oh, he hasn't seen the shoes. I'm sure he'll hate those as well...

Crab Polo Shirt
Plaid Patchwork Short
Plaid Trim Bucket Hat
Navy Dress Loafers

See, that's not so bad?! :)

Since I got such a positive response to my last videos, I've uploaded a few more. Levi was just in rare form last night! I tried to capture his craziness cuteness on video. :)

So he just started his head-shaking thing the other day with Jeffrey. He's not saying no to be mean or bratty. I honestly think he just hasn't figured out how to shake his head up and down. Lol. Maybe he just thinks it's funny! Who knows with this kid?! :)

Alright, only 2 more days of the challenge...

Day 29: Wishes

I've never really been a big "wisher" necessarily. I mean, I have hopes and dreams and prayers. I guess those things are more serious though. So, I'm going to give you some wishes that aren't so serious:

I wish that it was the end of the day instead of the beginning.

I wish someone would go out and buy me a brand new wardrobe then deposit it in my closet.

I wish it would be pretty today so Jeffrey and Levi can play outside this afternoon.

I wish I had more vacation time.

I wish I had more TIME!

I wish my nails would grow like they did when I was pregnant.

I wish I could keep my car clean.

I wish I craved vegetables and fruit instead of chocolate and sweet tea.

I wish I liked to cook.

I wish someone would cook for me. :)

I wish I had a maid.

I wish I had a machine that would type what I'm thinking. How cool would that be?! :)

I wish to be done with this blog entry...

Well looky there, wishes do come true! ;)