Monday, April 25, 2011


Oh Monday, why must thou comest so soon? I had an amazing  weekend! It was full and busy, but everything was so smooth and easy (which is rare for a holiday weekend). :)

We started off the weekend right at work Friday morning with a big breakfast and an adult Easter egg hunt! I won 2 free movie tickets! Yay! I just love the guys I work with. It was our turn to do breakfast, and we always have a lot of fun making pancakes for everybody.

As if that wasn't great enough, we got off at 2! Woo hoo! Park day with Mom and Levi!!! :)

Excuse me little boy, have you seen my baby?

Swinging takes extreme concentration and effort!

Hmm...didn't know he could walk down steps like this...
I actually got to sleep in on Saturday AND Sunday. I remember the days (read: college) when "sleeping in" meant at least 11am. Now, I consider it a precious gift from God if I make it to 7. Which, is what I did twice this weekend! Levi slept until about 8:15 both days, but I just couldn't make my mom brain turn off and go back to sleep any past 7:30. The result: a very happy and refreshed Meredith! :)

After taking our time getting ready Saturday (oh the joys of no set plans), we headed to Mt. Juliet to meet Mom and Courtney for lunch. Mom and I knocked out some shopping returns and exchanges, then me and little man headed home to see Daddy. Levi could not WAIT to get outside, so while Jeffrey was working in the yard, Levi and I headed out with his new favorite toy: a squirt gun! Before you get all excited...No, he doesn't actually shoot it, and no, it's not this:

But more like this:

Jeffrey always has to out-do me (water hose vs. toy squirt gun), which resulted in the drowned-rat look you see in these pictures...Also, I apologize for the rough picture quality. Not only was I constantly running away from Jeffrey's attacks, but it was almost dusk and the lighting was weird. :)

I love the effect in this one-completely accidental.

Makes me smile

Yeah, this doesn't really work with a child...

Best one we could get. :)
I just love time with my boys. We don't get a lot of it because of Jeffrey's schedule, but we've really tried to stay dedicated on making the most of the time we get.

Sunday was Easter, and well, that's just going to need a post to itself! :)

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  1. I love the water hose fight!! Way to go Jeffrey with the killer idea. Looks like Levi had a blast!
    WHERE DID THAT BABY BOY GO? He is so big!!!

    I love seeing all of you together! precious.