Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Remote

Have you ever wanted a tv remote but for life? With a pause, stop, play, rewind and fast forward button?

I've found myself wanting that several times lately. I've been doing something that made me so happy that I just wanted to hit the pause button! For instance...

Last night was girls' night with my friends from high school. Remember them?

So, we were supposed to go bowling. As of Sunday, we were at 5 attending (good crowd for us). Monday morning, Amanda's friend Janet had her baby, so we were down to 4. Monday afternoon, Hannah's husband David got stuck at work, so we were down to 3 (me, Meghan and Doralyn). Well, the 3 of us decided we weren't going to let anything stop us from getting together, so we had dinner at Demos'. Let me tell you something, I had an AMAZING time! I think we could've just sat and talked for hours. There's just something about these girls that even if we haven't seen each other or talked since the last girls' night, we pick right up where we left off! I really wanted the remote to just pause so we could sit and not worry about what we needed to do next-study, see kids/husband, sleep. :) I wouldn't have minded the rewind button so I could enjoy that delicious meal again! Haha.

Another pause moment...Levi woke up about 4am COVERED in pee. I mean, soaking wet! You're thinking this:

But it was really more like this:

In fact, I might start putting him in swim trunks at night...

So poor thing was just distraught. He was so tired he could barely hold his eyes open as I sponged him off. Well, I just couldn't put him back in his bed, so I brought him in with me and Jeffrey. We hardly EVER do this, so it was kind of special for all of us. :) Anyway, Jeffrey pulls Levi up to him with Levi's head on his arm. Then he grabs my hand, and I put my other hand on Levi's belly. You want to talk about my idea of perfection?! If somebody had brought me some red velvet cake, I would have been content to stay there the rest of my life! :) Pause please!!!

Ahh...the rewind button! What I wouldn't do to have that sometimes!


I would LOVE to rewind back to the time when gas was less than $1 a gallon. That's right young folks, back in my day (ok, 9 years ago in high school), gas was .96/gallon. Now? It took me almost $80 to fill up yesterday. EIGHTY BUCKS!!! UGH!

I wouldn't mind rewinding back to the day when I could eat what I want and not worry about what it was going to do to me. Pizza=reflux. Mexican=indigestion. Cheeseburger=arm flab...

Oooh the stop button...

Can we STOP the prices from going up on everything?
Could we please STOP Kroger from changing their coupon policy? (No more stacking makes me a very sad girl.)
I'd love if we could stop this crazy back-and-forth weather and just get to the good stuff. :)

The fast-forward button is a little trickier...

I don't want to fast-forward and miss something good. Even if I can't wait for it (wedding, Levi), I feel like everything that happens up to that good thing happens for a reason. However, there are times, particularly bad ones, that make me want to jump ahead and just skip what's happening at the time. Today, I choose not to talk about those bad times. :)

And that, dear friends, is my super-insightful thought for the day! :)

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