Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Ok, so I missed a few lot of Thankful Thursdays. I apologize to those who anxiously await Thursday all week just to see what/who I'm thankful for. :) Because I missed so many, I feel like I have the right to be thankful for many things today. Here goes!

1) I'm thankful for sunshine! I like the rain as long as it's nighttime, and I'm at home with my family curled up under a blanket. Other than that, I'll take sunshine and 70 temps please! :)

2) I'm thankful that Jeffrey finally went to Wal-mart and bought his groceries instead of spending a GINORMOUS amount on the same stuff in the vending machines and the cafeteria at work.

3) I'm thankful for coupons, so that even though Jeffrey didn't use a single one yesterday, I could not be anxious b/c I coupon for all of our other groceries.

4) I'm thankful for pre-mixed peanut butter and jelly. Yep, that Goober Grape stuff. Love it!

5) I'm thankful for my friends and family who helped out last week while Jackie was out of town. Shout out to Mal, Dora, Mama, Bethany, Court and Mom! It truly does take a village...

6) I'm thankful for Morgan Thorne at Tangles for cutting my hair so that it's easy-except when my bangs get too long, which they are now, but that's not her fault. :)

7) I'm thankful for band-aids.

8) I'm thankful for my little boy, and the fact that he has been extra loving lately. Love his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder.

9) I'm thankful for this blog, and all my, um, 14? readers. :)

10) Lastly, I'm thankful for Christ who came to Earth to die for my sins. I'm thankful for God's grace and mercy. I'm thankful that there is a better place after this, and that we have the chance to go there.

And that friends, is what I'm thankful for on this Thursday!


  1. Well. I have just now made a decision. I am going to try coupling on my next shopping trip. How is it going on diet food?

    Happy Easter!

  2. Yay for couponing! I think you'll really love it once you get into it. It kind of becomes a game. :) It's going well. I don't have as many coupons for all the stuff, but I still shop the sales. I'm suprised at how many coupons ARE out there though. Let me know if I can help! :)

    Hope you guys have a great Easter! :)