Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fail :(

So one of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could keep up with what Levi was doing: milestones, new words, foods, etc. I realized last night that I haven't done that very well.
Big time fail! :(

Fail Stamp

I guess it could be worse...

Yeah, it could be worse.

So, in order to not feel like a failure, here are some 14 month facts (he just turned 14 months yesterday, so see, I'm not horribly behind):

  • He is CONSTANTLY on the move! I'm not kidding, even in his sleep, he moves. This boy can not stand to be still. (For proof of this, please see yesterday's post of me trying to get his picture.)
  • He is now wearing size 5 diapers all the time. We've previously discussed the "why" my 14mo son needs size 5. I will not go into that again. :)
  • He is wearing a size 6 shoe, size 18 or 24 pants/shorts, and size 18 or 24 shirt. This is my new favorite outfit:
  • He roars at people, or himself, or the tv, or a stuffed animal. Yeah, pretty much everything gets this adorable roar now. He even roared at the people behind us in church the other day while playing peek-a-boo over the pew. We're not sure where it came from-possibly from Jeffrey trying to scare him. Wait, that sounds bad...he likes it, really!
  • He plays peek-a-boo. He loves to hide his face then uncover it! He grins so big. He'll also cover himself with a blanket and pull it down. His favorite thing is to hide to the side of a door frame then peek out. Love it! :)
  • He LOVES music! He will start waving his arms, stomping his foot, and occassionally "get low" if he's in the mood. I have no idea where he learned the last one, but seriously, he bends his knees and bounces up and down. I'm still working on that video for you...
  • He still loves trains, balls, balloons and stuffed animals. His newest loves, wagons and umbrellas.
  • After nap, he has to hand me everything in his crib (usually a stuffed animal and blanket) one by one before he raises his arms to get out.
  • He's started "kissing" me and Jeffrey by putting his face on ours and letting our foreheads, noses and mouths touch. He doesn't move for several seconds, then grins super big and sweet. :)
  • He will possibly be moving to the toddler class at church. He's just too uncomfortable in the baby seats. Tomorrow is the first night for that. I will report back on how that goes...
  • He will eat pretty much everything. He definitely has days where he doesn't want certain things, but who doesn't? He loves yogurt smoothies, chicken nuggets, soups of all kinds, and cauliflower with cheese.
  • I'm trying to keep track of his vocabulary, but not doing a very good job. Not to mention, a lot of his "words" probably don't sound like words to anybody else yet. The ones that are clear: ball, cup, go, hi, bye, nana (banana), milk (once or twice), uh-oh, Daddy and Mama. Things that we know he's saying but aren't super clear yet: thank you, duck, balloon (sounds like a drawn out "balll"), yeah, and Hi Daddy. He knows the word "outside" very well! He runs to the nearest door as soon as you say it. :) He also holds his hands out to the side when you ask him a question, signifying "I don't know".
  • He loves to brush his hair and his teeth. He's usually running around the house with a toothbrush or my hairbrush. Other than bathtime, brushing time is his favorite part of the night. :)
  • Speaking of teeth, he now has 10 of them! Several more are going to pop through any day now.
  • He is still trying to decide if he likes dogs or not. He loves to look at them, talk to them, and sometimes pet them, but if they get too close, he becomes unsure. Now if they're on the other side of a glass door, he could play all day! 

I could proably keep going, but I don't want to lose my dedicated readers to sheer bulletin-point boredom. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Connor hands me his stuffed animals too! One time I took him out before he could hand them to me and he cried until I put him back in there! Ha

    Don't ever apologize about telling us about sweet Levi! I love it!