Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the Thunder Rolls...

There's nothing I love more than staying up all night listening to thunder, rain and hail, while worrying about tornadoes and straight-line winds. <---- SARCASM! I feel like even when I was asleep, it wasn't a deep sleep because I kept thinking about my "storm plan". You know the one...wake the husband out of his peaceful sleep, grab the sleeping baby, pick up some necessities (flashlight, water, sippy cup of milk) and head to the basement below the stairwell. Yep, I had it all planned out. Thank God I didn't have to use it! I'm not looking forward to what promises to be a stormy day...

On another note...I turned Levi's carseat to face forwards. I was determined to keep him backwards as long as possible. I've read countless studies that say backwards is safer. Not to mention, now the Highway Safety Patrol and the American Academy of Pediatrics are recommending to keep them backwards up to 2 years instead of 1. So, you ask, why turn him around now at 15 months? Well, it's because his knees were in his chest!!! (Ok, not literally, but he did have to bend his legs to fit.). The sad part is, I specifically bought this seat, made for taller babies, so that he COULD stay backwards until 2. It makes me wonder how on Earth any child is supposed to stay backwards until 2-especially in a "normal" size seat. I do have to say, he does love it! He just kept grinning at me. He could see me backwards, but I guess this is just so much better. Plus, he gets to look out my sunroof which I guess he never noticed before. Haha. :)

Not sure what this new smile is about... :)

Now, on to the REALLY fun stuff...

I thought my inner 13-year old girl was going to bust a blood vessel last night watching Dancing with the Stars!!! I was never a "huge" BSB fan, but I did/do love me some NKOTB. I will say though, the BSB boys were looking pretty good last night. :) To have them all on the same stage singing and dancing...ahhh!!! I was glad Jeffrey was already in bed when I watched it because he would have made some major fun of the goofy grin I had on my face! I have to say this...these guys are true performers. They dance their little booties off AND actually still sing. I'm starting to re-think that concert now...hmm... ;)

Speaking of anybody else watching this season? I can't decide if I have a favorite or honestly changes every week! They all have improved so much, and are really on level playing field now. I like Chelsea and Mark, but Mark is kind of obnoxious this season. Hines is just adorable and so fun to watch. I even like Kendra and Kirstie! It's just been a really good and interesting season with no real front-runner. Should be a tight race from here on!

I think that's enough rambling for one morning. Hope you all stay safe and dry!

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