Wednesday, April 6, 2011

See, I Told You...

Don't say I didn't warn that I'm done with the challenge, this really is a free-for-all. And today, well, I don't have anything specific to talk about, but I feel the need to blog. So, enjoy the randomness... :)

Last night, Jeffrey and I took little man over to spend some time with our friends Ben and Lori. We were a little nervous because Levi (and Jeffrey) both needed naps but didn't get them. Thankfully, they only live 8 minutes (5 if Jeffrey's driving) away, so we knew we could just go right on home if the fussiness started. But he was in rare form last night. Maybe it was the sleepiness, but he thought everything was hysterical! And we laughed all night just watching him! Here's a video of him sticking his toothbrush to the table, then popping it off (it has suction cups on the bottom), then throwing it on the ground. Not sure why this was so amusing, but I love his little laugh! :) He also plays peek-a-boo for a minute. (Sorry they're long, but his laughing was random so I kept videoing.) Also, ignore the 2 fogeys in the background talking about their complete disdain for facebook and people who don't answer their phones. :)

I know...he doesn't have a shirt on. He randomly spit up on it, and it was in the washer. Weird...

On another note...we had a new pizza from Papa Murphy's, and it was wonderful! I mean, not as good as your normal pepperoni filled pizza, but still really tasty. Behold, the Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLite:

Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLITE®

So, as I'm eating it, I'm thinking what a great healthy pizza this is, and I'm glad that I can eat pizza that's not so horrible for me. Imagine my surprise when I looked up the nutrition facts, and it's the SAME, if not a little WORSE, for you than pepperoni!!! I was outraged! Forget that...bring on the pep! :)

One more random thought of the day...I am loving belts right now! I haven't worn a belt  in forever, and I used to all the time. But I have recently brought them back in my wardrobe, and they make me happy. I don't mean your traditional "hold your pants up" belt. I mean this:

Our Beautiful Tweed Fringe Skirt

Our Floral Ruffled Top and Slim Pencil Skirt

Oh, and the "Michelle Obama":

Well, that's it for today folks. Hope everybody has a great day! :)

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