Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aruba, Jamaica, Oooh I Wanna Take You!

For all of those keeping track, yes, I'm behind a day. Rats! Oh well, life goes on.

Ok, before I get into day 8, I have to tell you about my little guy. He has said 4 new things this weekend! Friday morning on the way to Nana's, he dropped his cup. He turned to look at me, held up his hands, and said "uh-oh"! Plain as day! He's been saying "uh-uh", but this was for sure the right way! I laughed so of course he said it several more times. When I got home Friday night, Jeffrey couldn't wait to show me what he and Levi had been working on. Levi got this adorable barn refrigerator magnet thing for his birthday. It comes with different animals, and when you press the animals, they make that animal sound. Well, Jeffrey put the cow on there, pressed it and said "mooo". Levi looks at him with a big smile on his face and yells "MOOOO"!! How cute is that?! Then Jeffrey put the duck on there, pressed it, and said "quack quack". You got it-Levi makes a quacking sound!! I laughed and smiled for a long time over that. :) He's been doing it all weekend, and it never ceases to put a smile on my face. Ok, last at lunch, his cup was empty. He sits it down on the table, looks up and says "milk"! I was stunned! It took me several minutes, and lots of convincing from the people with me, to actually believe he said it. But he did! And it was so clear! I just love that little boy. My heart longs for the day when he says "I love you mommy". Oh I'll just be mush! :)

Thanks for sticking with me there (if you did). On to the challenge:

Day 8: A Place You've Traveled To

I have been so blessed with many traveling opportunities. I love to travel, and I jump at the chance to go anywhere I can! I've been to Mexico, the Bahamas, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and many other wonderful places. I loved them all, but I have to say, my favorite place of all that I want to tell you about is...


This trip was so special because it was our honeymoon and our first vacation with just the two of us. But, that's not what this post is about. I'm just supposed to tell you about the place. :)

I feel like pictures describe why I loved it better than words. So here you go:

I was a little excited. :)

These guys were everywhere!

Natural swimming pool where we snorkeled

Dinner IN the water

On our tour of the island

We really loved everything about this trip. The scenery was gorgeous. The people were so friendly. We had the beach and adventure. It was just amazing! We definitely plan to go back one day in the future. :)

Tomorrow is friends day. I'll have to see if I can pull up some embarrassing pictures... :)

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