Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Croup is Crappy

Yes, Levi has the croup. Ugh, poor little guy! He was perfectly fine all weekend, then we get home Sunday night, and BAM!, bad cough! He would cough so hard he couldn't breathe. SCARY! It was so bad we considered taking him to the emergency room. Instead, I stayed up all night holding him everytime he woke up scared and coughing. I think it was 2am when I decided sleep was impossible for me, and I was just going to take advantage of the cuddle time. Poor little guy-it broke my heart. :( I took him to the doctor first thing Monday which is when they confirmed croup and the beginning of an ear infection. I want you to know that my sweet little boy just smiled, laughed and played the whole time. Oh if only adults (especially me) could learn to still be happy when we're feeling bad. :) They gave him a shot, and he did much better last night. He's home with Daddy today, so hopefully he'll be back to his usual self soon! (Although I have to say I'm enjoying the extra hugs and cuddle time...haha. Maybe we could keep that part! I usually can't get him to sit still!)

This doesn't happen very often... :)

Alright, moving on from sickness...

Day 17: Something You're Looking Forward To

Well, my first thought was Heaven. :) My second thought was seeing my loved ones who have passed in Heaven. :) Then I decided I'd be a little less serious-minded today, and tell you about a completely worldly and frivolous thing I'm looking forward to...

Our anniversary trip to a DUDE RANCH!!! :)      

No, your eyes did not deceive you, I said dude ranch. :)

Back story: Each year, we take a trip on our anniversary. First year: North Carolina (Asheville, Boone, Blowing Rock).

Second year: NYC!

Third year: (B&B in Goodlettsville, TN-ok, Levi was a couple months old and we didn't want to go too far or spend a bunch of money-haha. However, this Bed and Breakfast was amazing! We would highly recommend it: http://www.thistletopinn.com/)

We have a list of places we want to go on future trips, and one requirement is that we've never been there before. Well, dude ranch is on that list!

We thought we'd have to go out west to fullfill this dream (and "out west" is still on our list), but alas, there's one in East Tennessee! Who woulda thunk it?! We also thought we'd never be ablet to afford it (dude, dude ranches are expensive). However, I bought a package for HALF PRICE off http://www.livingsocial.com/ (check it out!), and so we're going!

The place is called French Broad River Dude Ranch, and we are so excited! Rustic (but nice) rooms, fishing, whitewater rafting, "grub" and of course, horseback riding! I can not WAIT to spend 3 days at this place, just me and the hubby. I look forward to our anniversary and our time away all year long. I love Levi tremendously, but I think it's a neccessity for Jeffrey and me to have our alone time. We both agree that happy parents make a happy baby. And let me tell you, after 3 fun-filled days on a dude ranch with the hubby...I will be a happy momma! :)


  1. bless his heart! kings had that a few months back and it was awful! she sounded like a barking seal :( have fun on your trip! my hubby and i reallyyyyyy need to get away!

  2. Yep, barking seal is exactly how I described it! It's such a horrible sound to be coming out of their little bodies! And YES, I can imagine with 3 kiddos that you do need to get away! :)

  3. I hope that Levi starts feeling better soon! That sounds scary!!