Monday, March 21, 2011

Day, um, 19?

I know, I know...I'm not doing so hot on this challenge anymore. :(

Let's try to catch up, shall we?

Day 19: Something You Miss

Are you ready? Get ready because this is profound...

I miss...


Ok, maybe not the crowded beach with all the drunk people...but a break would be nice! I mean, seriously, why do we think students are the only ones that need a break in the middle of spring? Don't they know I want to be out enjoying this beautiful weather for 14 straight days? Don't they think that I, a full-time working woman, would enjoy 14 free days to travel, shop, straighten my house, spend time with my family or just sit at home and do nothing? I would LOVE that!

I was never the one to like a crazy large spring break trip or anything like that. Fortunately for me, Spring Break usually fell around my birthday. So, I usually got to travel for my birthday! Either with the family, softball or some school-related thing. I was almost always somewhere, and it was great! I remember my first year at work when I didn't get a "spring break". I wanted to cry that whole week. :( 

So, I know this wasn't very deep, but it's what's on my mind this week. Yep, Spring Break, ahh the good ole days...

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