Friday, March 11, 2011

Levi Turns ONE!

I finally have the time to tell you all about Levi's very FIRST birthday party! Let me tell you, it was everything I hoped for and MORE! As you probably know, I love birthdays! They are just so special to me. And I love to plan and attend parties! So, of course, I wanted to go all out for Levi's very first big day. Now, I realize, he's not going to remember the party, but he'll have the pictures and videos. And we have the memories! I wanted it to be filled with all the people who know and love our little boy. I kept reading all these things that said "don't overwhelm the child" and " plan the party according to your child's personality". Well, my child's personality is SOCIAL BUTTERFLY! I mean, this kid loves people, especially his friends and family. So, I naturally wanted all of them to be in attendance to help him celebrate. I think total, we ended up with 60 adults and children! It was great! I was so overwhelmed by the love that our friends and family showed our little boy that day. It was truly a wonderful experience!

*Note: This is an extremely long post but it's mostly pictures. :) And a BIG thank you to Libby Barker for being our photographer that day. Best decision I made for his party! :)

As for Levi, he had an absolute blast! I think he would've been happy with a big empty room and a balloon!Haha. Doralyn attached a balloon to his wrist, and he chased that thing around the whole time!                                              


We tried to have things to do for kids of all ages. I had brought some walking toys from home, and all the little kiddos loved them: 

Of course, they also loved
the ice bucket:                                           And the old milk jug:

We had coloring sheets for the, um, kids, as well?

You might have picked up by now that the theme was barnyard with cows and pigs. I started the theme off right with this adorable invitation made my Inkberry Cards:

She made all the images for the birthday items. All I had to do was print them and make my visions come to life!

 I tried to keep the food simple with stuff that everybody would enjoy. There were pigs-in-blankets, cheese and crackers, and fruit cups. We also had cupcakes and pies (apple and buttermilk) with ice cream. I know, no cake, but the pies fit the theme better! :) Courtney made them, and they were delish! Each kid had a cup with their name on it. After all, it was technically a kids' party! Haha. :)

There were a lot of wonderful people who were there, and I'm so happy to have celebrated with each and every one of them! Here's some pictures of the guests. :)

Courtney had to go to work before the family picutre, so here's one with her:

Levi had a great time with the cake. I think he cared more about the fact that everybody was looking at him than he did about the pile of sugar in front of him, but he did manage to get some icing in his hair. Woo hoo! :)

Notice the adorable cow topper! Made by Bailey's Sweet Shop (at the last minute) and picked up by Jennifer! Whew-thank goodness for both of them! :)

There were a LOT of gifts (most of which I opened). :)

This was the beginning...

And just a few minutes later...

A beautiful quilt from Malorie made out of his onesies and t-shirts.

Our child is definitely not hurting for toys or love! :)

And now for the man of the hour!

This party, and his first birthday, were everything I could've hoped for. He was so excited both on his birthday and his party day. It's like he just KNEW that it was all about him. I hope he always feels the love we have for him, not only on his birthdays, but every day for the rest of his life! :)


  1. I love some Davenporters and some Libby Barker photography!!!!!!!!!!

    And I esp love having lots of Levi pics to ooo and ahhh over :)

  2. I knew you'd be excited to finally see the pictures! :) Sorry I kept you in suspense for so long! Haha.

  3. Hi Meredith! Levi's party and all of these pictures are just perfectly adorable - as is your little birthday boy! You did a great job putting it all together! Absolutely SO CUTE! I can tell he had the best time and really enjoyed everything! Great photos and blog post to capture the special day! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

    - Jenn