Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They call me...

Alright, before I get started on Days 20 and 21 (yes, I'm combining...don't judge me), I have to share this adorable picture I just ran across:

I just love his happy little face in this picture! :)

Ok, here we go...

I'm combining 2 days because, well, I'm behind, and each by themselves isn't a full post...

Day 20: Nicknames and Day 21: Picture of Yourself

I don't have any super-exciting nicknames with any amazing story, but I do have 3 names to share with you and pictures to correspond:


There is only one person in my life who has ever called me this, my friend Hannah. :) I don't know why or when it started, but it's just what she calls me. :) It actually spawned my email address: merry_k22. :)


This is one I've always been called, and it's just b/c it's short from Meredith. Lots of people call me this and have throughout my life. The one that's probably called me this the longest, my life-long friend Malorie. :)

Ok, now for the one you've all been waiting for...the embarrassing one...


Ah, Bangs...this one is courtesy of Coach McNeal, Friendship's football coach when I was there. Some people (ok, everybody that knew me in highschool) would say I was obsessed with my bangs. These were not your cute sweepy bangs. These were the perfectly rolled and hairsprayed bangs that nobody was allowed to touch, even my hairdresser! They always had to be perfect, even while playing softball. Somehow, Coach caught wind of this, and decided to call me "Bangs" in the school cafeteria. Well, it stuck. I can't tell you how many notes, signs, t-shirts, etc. that have Bangs written on it. Yeah, fun. Haha. :) Looking back now, I see why he called me that. Fortunately for you me, I don't have a picture. Here's something similar:

Ok, maybe they weren't that short or tight, but it was still pretty bad...

That's it for the nicknames. Sorry it wasn't exciting. I do have one more picture of me to share though. I forgot about this one in my opening post. This was for my business website, so it's a few years old. Enjoy (haha), and have a great day!

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