Friday, March 25, 2011

Wear Your Boots...

...becuase this post could get a little deep! :)

All night last night, I kept thinking about something I wanted to share with you, but I just never had the time to type it out. Then, I get on this morning and realize the challenge for today fits PERFECTLY with what I wanted to tell you. I hope you'll see the irony in THAT by the time I'm done... :)

Day 24: Something You've Learned

Ok, remember this post that turned into an impromptu therapy session? Well, if you made it to the end before your eyes glazed over, then you read about my scary situation when I was pregnant with little man. Now, I had not intended whatsoever to talk about that that day. But God knew that someone needed to hear my story...

Enter "someone"...One of my friends and followers (let's call her Sally) received a phone call from her friend that morning (let's call her Ruth). Ruth is pregnant and had just found out some scary ultrasound results. The doctors told her there was a very likely chance that her daughter could be born with downs syndrome. My friend Sally got online to research what Ruth had told her. Well, she just so happened to check my blog first and lo and behold, my story was there...

It just so happened (ahem, God) that my friend Sally had a party around this time. Well, Ruth and I were both invited. Unbeknownst (love that word) to Sally, Ruth and I knew each other. I know Ruth from a different area of my life, but had never connected her to Sally (did you follow that?). So...Sally realizes we know each other and tells her about my blog post and story of Levi. Ruth decides to talk to me, and I'm able to encourage and uplift her during her scary time.

Alright, so get to the challenge already...haha!

What have I learned? Well, I've learned that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, happens without God's hand being in it. He has a plan for everything!

When I was little, I'd always hear grown-ups say "Why do bad things happen to good people?". I asked myself this all the time until it became "Why do bad things happen to people?". As I got older and selfisher (yep, I said selfisher), my question became "Why do bad things happen to me?".

You know what I've learned...bad things (and I know my "bad" is not nearly as "bad" as others in this world") happen to us so we can learn and grow from them. I feel like God put Jeffrey and I through that trial so that I could be here for Ruth now. I feel like my Daddy was taken from me so that I could appreciate the lives of my loved ones. My wreck a few years ago...done so I would learn to be patient while stuck in traffic and thankful that I was not the one in the wreck.

Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. We just have to look for the lesson that God is teaching us. :)


  1. Please tell "Ruth" that I am praying for her sweet baby. God is a God who LOVES doing miracles...and I see them on a regular basis :)

  2. I will pass that on! Thank you! He's answered their prayers so far with a good report from their last ultrasound. It's definitely still a possibility, but she seems to be more at peace with it now. :)

  3. nothing is set in stone until the baby is born :) even if it does come to pass, i know many families who have children with DS and you have never seen more love and blessing come from a child!!!!