Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Little Man

Howdy readers! Well, it's Tuesday. Tuesday is such a blah day for me for some reason. It's not Monday, the start of the week. It's not Wednesday, the middle of the week. It's not Thursday, the day before Friday. And it's not Friday, the day before the weekend. It's just, well, Tuesday.

Hmm...do you think that could be a song? ;)

It is a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday though, so that helps!

Today's post is supposed to be a picture of my family. I think I've posted plenty in the past, so today is going to be specifically about my little man. I try my darndest to not make every post about him, and I think I've done a pretty good job! But there are just too many things I want to share, so here you go: all about Levi. :)

I got to spend some quality time with my little man last night, and it was much-needed! We played outside while Daddy started to mow the yard (he didn't finish before it got dark, poor thing). He rode in his wagon, which he absolutely adores! And I let him play in the water/mud puddle in our driveway. Yeah, I know, WHAT?! I never thought I would be a relaxed enough mom to let my son just do that. Haha. :) But he was so adorable that I didn't care. :)

After that, we went inside for dinner. Not only did he eat shrimp, but he fed himself with an adult fork! He is completely opposed to using kids silverware right now. He wants to be like the grown-ups I suppose. You also get to see his new favorite sound. We're not sure what it is or where it came from, but I am sure that it's absolutely adorable! :)

I love that he looks around the camera so he can see me at the end. :) One of his other favorite sounds is a train. He is suddenly obsessed with trains! I think it comes from his cousin Caden's love of Thomas. Levi's favorite show to watch is Chuggington on Disney. It's basically a modern cartoony version of Thomas. Everytime he hears a train, he makes this sound. I love it! :)

Besides making adorable sounds, he's also getting into EVERYTHING! I'm serious, when we put him down somewhere, it's like he immediately starts looking for something to get in to! He's just constantly on the go, and on the path to mischievious things! Lol. For instance...Jeffrey had him over at Jackie's last week on my birthday while I worked a couple of hours. Well, Levi was playing, and he comes tearing in the room holding this:

Yep, that's the window grid NOT in the window! Oh I'm suprised her poor house is still standing!

But that's not all...while Jeffrey was putting it back in, little rascal preceded to go into the laundry room and yank EVERY single piece of clean clothing of its' hangers. All I can say is, God Bless my patient and loving mother-in-law for keeping him every day! :)

As for other things in his life...We are making the transition to size 5 diapers. Yes, my (almost) 14 month old needs size 5. BUT, it's not because of his size so much as the quantity of urine that comes out of this child! I can not believe how quickly he can fill up, and overflow, a diaper! They weigh like 10 pounds when he wakes up from a nap!

He still only has 6 teeth, but the way he's gnawing on stuff lately, I think he might be cutting another one. :)

He is LOVING stuffed animals now! He's never been too interested in them before, but now he loves them. Most of the time, he's sweet to them. However, last week, Mr. Basil the Bear must've said something mean to him, because he let him have it! He was in his carseat, and he shook the bear by his shoulders, threw him against the back seat and started kicking him. Hmm...do they have anger management classes for babies? Haha. :)

I could keep going on and on, but I'm sure I lost most of you after the videos and picture. :) I just love being a mom more than I could have ever imagined. He is just the most amazing little person. I can't wait to see what God has in store for his life. :)


  1. The other day when I was keeping him he recited his alphabet, did a cartwheel, named all the presidents, and he located the lost city of Atlantis on the globe through a series of complicated triangulation equations.

  2. Did he not say the Pledge of Allegiance? Rats, that's what we've been working on! ;)