Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Wonderful Weekend

So to those 12 of you who follow my blog, I apologize for falling behind, terribly behind. :( What can I say...life got in the way! :)

Ok, so I have to tell you...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! :) I'm so excited! I'm taking half a day to spend the afternoon with my boys at the zoo. Woo hoo! Then dinner with the family at my new favorite place, Monells. Get excited! :)

I know I need to do Day whatever, but I want to tell you about my crazy long weekend. :)

I had a wonderful weekend-actually a wonderful 4 days because Thursday was great too! I got off work Thursday and met Mom and Levi at the park. We had so much fun! It was great to watch little man run around and slide and swing. He would just throw himself down the slides like he'd been doing it his whole life! I can't wait for some play dates to happen, if we can ever get our schedules right! :)

That night, Jeffrey and I went to our second meeting of the Maple Hill Young Marrieds Group (MHYMG). This is a wonderful group of couples who are all in similar stages of life. We decided to get together and do a Bible study once a month. There's also a young marrieds class at church that just got started this month, and it seems to be loved and accepted by all. I'm so excited about this group! Jeffrey and I have been wanting to be a part of something like this for years, and it's actually happening!  :)

I got off work a little early Friday because of a work conference. So, I of course took the opportunity to pick Levi up early and spend some quality time together. We had a nice play date planned for the park with Malorie, and I was so excited! Well, Levi had different plans that involved nothing but a NAP! Haha. That's ok, because I was exhausted and clunked out on the couch for a bit, too. :) Jaime and I did a wedding rehearsal that night to prepare for the big wedding Saturday afternoon. Everything went great, and I knew the wedding was going to be easy-peasy. :)

Saturday was, well, exhausting! My Aunt Shirley's birthday is March 5th, and mine is TODAY :), so we always like to get together sometime in March to celebrate them both. We went to Demos' and just had the best time! I love when it's just us girls (and Levi of course), and we can just chit-chat as much as we want. :)

After that, it was off to the wedding! This was officially Jaime's first wedding! She booked it and had handled everything up to the day of. Since it was her first time to do everything, she asked me to help so she could just watch and learn what to do. I think she could've done it by herself! She was awesome! Polite, accomadating, organized. I'm going to LOVE having her around! :) We just did the coordinating for this one, no planning. Everything was absolutely beautiful! The bride and her family did an amazing job! It all went great except for a little cake-cutting incident...nobody had been designated to cut the cake, so guess who ended up doing it? Yep, me and Jaime! Poor Jaime had to use a plastic butter knife for the groom's cake! Haha. I hope somebody got a picture of that! :) Another lady helped me cut the big cake, and let's just say that well, the cake tasted good. Lol. I kept telling people, "It's not pretty, but it sure is delicious". It was bad. I will not be adding "cake-cutter" to my resume anytime soon! :)

Sunday was fun and relaxing as always. Church, lunch, playing outside-doesn't get much better than that!

After such a great weekend, I can't wait to see what this week has in store for me. I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my friends and family. I'll try to do better on the challenge, but I'm hoping to have lots of other stuff to talk about this week, so maybe not! :)

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